FAQ ‘s

For Participants:

What is Global Grace Cancer Run all about?

The Grace Cancer Foundation is organizing its 5th edition of the Global Virtual Cancer Run with the theme of ‘Run the extra mile to gift a smile”. We warmly welcome you to take part in the event and are providing a platform for you to contribute to society in bringing awareness and helping in screening the underprivileged for Cancers, early.

What are the objectives of this Run?

To run in this Cancer awareness program across the globe.
To help people lead active lifestyles by making running a preferred form of fitness.
No cancer patients should be deprived of treatment due to lack of health care support.

What is the mission of this Run?

To promote physical activity as a means to prevent and combat cancer in the society.
To make a meaningful and significant impact on people lives by raising awareness about Cancer.

How and where will this run be held?

The Global Grace Cancer Run 2022 is organized in a hybrid format, which means runners can participate either virtually from wherever they are in the world or join us in a select in-person run location near to them.

How can runners participate virtually?

Step 1: Runners willing to participate have to register themselves at https://gracecancerrun2022.iq301.com/

The registered runners will receive an e-bib (i.e. a personalized, printable picture) in their respective mails. We prefer that you print it out and pin it to your T-shirt/Running Vest, as we want to make it feel like an event and not a solo run.

Step 2: On the day of the event, i.e. 9th October, 2022, the runners are requested to start between 5 to 7 A.M. and finish at the latest by 9 A.M., in the respective time zones globally.
If, for some reason, beyond individual control the runners aren’t able to start the run between the aforementioned times, they can complete it before the end of the day. And those of you who are not able to run on that day, can do so on any day up to 16th October 2022 and submit their details by or before 23 hrs : 59 mins IST of 15th October 2022.

The runners are also requested to carry a water bottle or an energy drink and also a few snacks so as to stay hydrated and energized all through the run. The runners are also requested to maintain personal safety during the entirety of the run

Runners are requested to run outside, along the safe route of their choice and which has the least amount of traffic. If interrupted by weather complications or other uncontrollable situations, the runners can run indoors. If the participants are unable to complete the entire race, they are requested to run the distance comfortable to them.


How is the run recorded?
Strava is the preferred app for recording the run. Please make sure your device is sufficiently charged to record your entire run. After the completion of the run, the runners are requested to post the distance of the run along with a selfie or photograph with the bib on the chest to show their support.

Note: Runners can record the total time on a watch or any timing or running app and are requested to share the public link of the activity which has date, distance, pace, and the start and finish time to the aforementioned link.
Few apps that offer public link for activities are:
Strava, Runkeeper, Mapmyrun, Endomondo.
Runners are requested to share their pre/during/post run pictures/selfies on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and tag @gracecancerfoundation (FB) @gracecancerfoundation (Insta). We shall pick a few lucky runners from these posts and reward them with goodies.

For Event Organizers:

How is the Global Grace Cancer Run organized globally, especially in countries outside India? Are there templates to follow?

The Global Grace Cancer Run 2022 is organized in a hybrid format, which means runners can participate either virtually from wherever they are in the world or join us in a select in-person run location near to them.

We take the support of event organizers, be it other Non-profit Organizations, Corporates, Schools, or Universities to organize the Run in their own location.

Yes, we shall share a template to follow for organizing the run successfully.

Who are the beneficiaries? Will it help rural people of any specific area?

Beneficiaries are people from socio economically backward sections of rural/urban-slum areas.
We are happy to go with the mandate of our sponsors/donors and if the same is for a particular area within India (donations that can support a minimum of 1000 screenings and necessary logistics), we will go ahead accordingly.

Will the Run and its proceeding benefit only the people of India?

Not necessarily. The awareness campaigns are going to benefit the global audience. Free Cancer screenings will help beneficiaries from various states in India.

Who can partner and organize Global Grace Cancer Run in their own location?

Any NGO, Corporate, Educational Institute can come forward to organize the Run in their own location. We will be happy to guide with the process.

Who bring in the sponsors required to organize the run?

Any of our supporters can help us get Sponsors.

Will the aim of marathon conducted only to create awareness and screening, what happens to the positive cases found in the screening?

Our current focus is Early Detection of Cancer, which drastically improves the Treatment possibilities. We refer the positive cases to the nearest Government/Government scheme accepting hospitals.

What is the expected role of the Supporting Orgnization?

1. Promote Grace global virtual Cancer Run online/offline, helping us in sponsorships/donations

2. Invite people to register for the event. Whether offline or online

3. Help out in race management if an in-person event is planned

4. Lead Cancer awareness activities planned in the area

5. Contribute content. Taking pictures and videos in anything they do related to our race (and then sharing it online)

6. Provide feedback on new race initiatives

7. Any other mutually agreed activities that help us in Cancer Awareness/Early Detection programs

What is the minimum number of participants required to effectively organize this event in a location?

A minimum of 5000 numbers

Who will arrange promotional and marketing merchandise- t shirts, mementoes Permits, Police, Insurance Portable toilets, aid station supplies, aid station workers Start and finish staging, course control and course making, managing the actual marathon, Web hosting, registration online and off line, promotion Media and press, endorsements and ads?

All aspects will be taken care by Team GCF with help from the supporting organization.

Accounting and Banking requirements?

Grace Cancer Foundation can accept transfers from both within India (domestic account) or outside India (FCRA account), details of the same can be shared.