Global Grace Cancer Run 2020

Greetings from Grace Virtual Cancer Run 2020. We can make a meaningful and significant impact on the incidence of Cancer as most of it is due to habits and lifestyle. Early detection and lifestyle modification is the key to Conquer Cancer. We have begun this fight against Cancer in the year 2013.  Physical activity especially RUNNING is strongly advocated for the prevention of Cancer. Hence we are in our pursuit to promote running among people of all walks of life through our first edition in 2018, second in 2019, and the 3rd edition this year. Covid19 or any other time, we as Grace Cancer Foundation are determined to continue our fight against cancer, as there cannot be any scenario in which we neglect cancer awareness, can it be? Your decision to participate in this event will help in driving Awareness and Screening Campaigns, Treatment and Research on Cancer. You can run wherever you are comfortable , either on treadmill, terrace, backyard or your colony. The singular aim is to promote Cancer Awareness. We are extremely happy to have partnered with You for this noble cause.So, please come forward and join the 3rd Edition of Grace Cancer Run 2020. Two guinness world record attempts on cards.
1. Largest Cancer awareness session viewed on YouTube 
2. Largest running videos posts on Facebook page in one hour for cancer awareness .More than 100 nations participating in the event 
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