Become a Race Ambassador

What is a race ambassador?

A race ambassador is a person, usually an experienced racer/Influencer with a substantial social media following and ties to the racing community, who undertakes to represent and promote our race as solidarity for the cause.
In a nutshell it is army of advocates that will work enthusiastically to reach potential race registrants both on- and off-line.

Why set up a race ambassador program?

By setting up a race ambassador program, we give people with influence (your race ambassadors) an opportunity to promote race using the most powerful marketing tool known to man: word of mouth.

Enthusiasm about Our race. Can’t fake it and need quite a lot of it to succeed as race ambassador. Usually the people who will apply to be ambassadors will do so because they feel pretty excited about race in the first place. So hopefully this will be an easy condition to meet.

Strong social media following. Enthusiasm is nice, but if ambassadors are going to be effective in promoting your race they’ll need to have a voice online.

Good communication skills. This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the social media reach, but extends to your ambassador’s effectiveness off-line as well as on-. Make sure your ambassadors have a good understanding of your race and brand, and can put their enthusiasm into words when it matters.

Good connections in the sports community. That means running clubs, running stores, gyms – basically anywhere where, you can be expected to promote race.

Being based in an area of interest. If your goal is to further promote your race locally, look for people in your area. But if you want to use the ambassador program as a means of reaching out to new territories, make sure your ambassadors reside in your target areas. For instance, if you’re looking to expand to a neighbouring state, choose your ambassadors in the right counties for maximum impact.

What’s a race ambassador expected to do?

1. Promote Grace global virtual Cancer Run online. This is one of the core missions of a well-connected influencer ambassador. You can write posts about race on your website, blog and social media accounts, raising awareness for race with your followers, as well as help share important announcements and press releases. Additionally, race ambassadors can help educate people about your race online, answering comments and questions – You can even help admin our Facebook group or page, if you trust they can do the job.

2. Promote Grace global virtual Cancer Run offline. Promoting Virtual Global Cancer run offline could be an equally valuable contribution for race ambassadors. For example, ambassadors could help E- distribute flyers at their communities, gyms and university campuses. More importantly, help spread the word in the racing community about how great Global Cancer Run is, how it is going touch lives in creating awareness and why people should register for it.

Registrations cane be done both online and offline. We need to enter details in excel sheet and share for back end integration. For bulk registrations concessions and coupons please approach the race director. Need to focus more on bulk registrations mainly for 5 km category.

3. Invite people to register for your event. Whether offline or online, a big part of ambassador’s mission– is getting people to register for your race. We would be giving you a unique discount code or coupon for bulk registrations.

4. Help out in race management or volunteer.

5. Lead group runs around your course. race ambassadors to organise group runs around your course is a brilliant way to encourage registrations (think of this as a race test-drive).This can be small group physical run on event day .

6. Contribute content. Taking pictures and videos in anything they do related to our race (and then sharing it online), should be a natural instinct for race ambassadors. Apart from that, ambassadors can help write training posts, race Q&A, equipment lists and other content for our website and create points of engagement with our fan base.

7. Provide feedback on new race initiatives. Telling us what works and what doesn’t is a very important function for experienced ambassadors. This feedback is particularly valuable when making changes to our race or setting out on a new initiative.

What race ambassadors get in return

You are part of pink revolution in creating cancer awareness.

1. Race Ambassador tag: Special E Bib will be provided.

2. Publicity & Recognition-Official recognition on the website and all platforms

3. Cash/prizes. As a token of appreciation memento will be given.

4. You are part of a vision of alleviating cancer burden in the society

5. Satisfaction of touching millions of lives.

Contact us to become a Race Ambassador