Global Grace Cancer Run 2022

Grace Cancer Run 2022 is back, and this time it is going to be much bigger and better than before.

During the global pandemic people have taken a back seat about cancer and presenting themselves for treatment and diagnosis much later than needed. It’s time for us to bounce back by refocusing our efforts on awareness and to restoring our health.

Yes, it is good news that most cancers are curable with the availability of advanced treatments but it can be possible only when we detect the tumor at the early stages. Unfortunately, most people are still unaware of this deadly disease and cannot recognize it until the tumor reaches a critical stage.The paramount need of this and any time is to bring awareness about cancer and save precious lives.

The Grace Cancer Foundation is organizing its 5th edition of the Global Virtual Cancer Run with the theme of ‘Run the extra mile to gift a smile”. We warmly welcoming you to take part in the event and providing a platform for you to contribute to society in bringing awareness and helping in screening the underprivileged for Cancers, early. Let’s bounce back and make a worthy decision to participate in this run either in-person or virtually.

The goal is to reach a distance in a given time frame.

There are events for all fitness levels:



21K (Half Marathon)

Besides creating awareness, this Global Grace cancer run would boost one’s physical and mental health which have been affected during the pandemic. So, someone looking for an event to join and donate of your time, help someone in Cancer screening, while receiving a physical and mental benefit, then this is the best choice for you!

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